Designing for the Anthropocene — a contextual lecture.

Image Rights — Biodiversity Revolution.

The Anthropocene is a term that I had never heard of before. Anthropos means human in Greek and Cene means recent geological period. I had never actually realised that there was a word for this. You’d think that throughout all of the talks Greta Thunberg has held, all of the WWF commercials and all of the talk about global warming and climate change, that I would have heard of the Anthropocene, but no you’re sadly wrong. This is a worrying concern. If I, a moderately interested activist, has never heard of the Anthropocene before now, what hope have we got of making a real change in the world. I’d say there is more that I can do to help make a difference for our world, but for those who have no regard for it, maybe getting the term Anthropocene and it’s meaning out there might be a step in the right direction. Acting now is of great importance to us changing the course of climate change.

BBC Documentary: Drowning in Plastic. Image Rights — BBC.

Throughout the lecture itself, we were treated to a few pieces of art & design that looked to show the world off in all of it’s glory. Some pieces painted a picture of an Earth that is rapidly decaying such as the BBC’s documentary: Drowning in Plastic and even the Great Pacific Garbage Patch whilst others had combatted this with a positive response. One of those responses which really intrigued me was Pharrell Williams range of ocean-plastic made clothes named RAW for the ocean. Pharrell Williams seems to be a huge plastic waste activist, and he was at the centre of another project, a collaboration between his own brand Human Race and Adidas. This project really stood out to me because he re-designed a bunch of Adidas football kits, including my favourite team, Arsenal. These shirts raise awareness of plastic waste, as well as re-using the plastics that would normally be discarded and sitting in landfill for the next 100–200 years, so I thought that was a great idea on his part. This is something which needs more work as a collective race and faster if we have any chance of saving our planet for future generations to come. Thanks for reading my blog-post today.

Pharrell Williams Human Race Kit Range. Image Rights — SportBible.




Multi-Media Creative & BCU Graphics Student from Birmingham

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Jack Denton

Jack Denton

Multi-Media Creative & BCU Graphics Student from Birmingham

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